PyrOptix Reporting & Analytics v2.0 Changelog

We have released a new version of our PyrOptix Reporting & Analytics software.  Below are the changes from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0 of our Reporting & Analytics Software

Added Features

  • Reports generated for the following programs now include additional zone based metrics
    • PyrOptix IPS – Slag Index
    • PyrOptix IPS – Temperature Measurements
    • PyrOptix IPS – VisTemps

  • The option to upload data through various channels*
    • Azure, Google Drive, SFTP, FTP
    • *Requires internet connection and network permissions
  • The option to send out a compressed report via email*
    • *Requires internet connection and network permissions

  • Reports generated for “PyrOptix IPS – Slag Index” have the option to enable slag shedding detection and SRE calculations
    • SRE (Slag Removal Effectiveness) is a simple metric that represents the effectiveness of a detected slag shedding method
    • Events and SRE values are stored in a separate CSV file

Interface Changes

  • Adjusted the color scheme of the video reports
    • the old scheme was largely white, we have moved to a dark grey

  • Reorganized the layout of the video reports
    • This was required due to the additional metrics
  • Completely Redesigned the Settings interface
    • This was required due to the additional features

Other Changes

  • Reports generated for “PyrOptix IPS – Slag Index” have the option to combine zone data
    • This makes the report simpler to understand at a glance and may reduce noisy data

  • Adjusted the way the data is averaged
    • This is now a non weighted N point running average
  • Added a disc space check and file cleanup
    • selected and detected frames were consuming a lot of disc space and needed to be managed better

Bug Fixes

  • Rewrote the majority of Vis to improve overall efficiency and resource usage
    • The software should run faster with less overhead
  • Fixed an Issue where a memory leak occurred when certain conditions were met 
    • Issue was related to Visible image size
  • Improved the way frame errors were being handled
    • There was a potential to create corrupted or shortened videos if corrupted frames were used
  • Fixed the zone color scheme
    • There was some disparity between the core image processing software and the reporting software, they now match

Known issues

  • N/A

Suggested Features or Changes for Future Versions

  • User specified Reporting Interval