PyrOptix Image Processing Software v2.5 Changelog

Below are the changes from Version 2.0 to Version 2.5 of our Image Processing Software


Platform Changes


Other Changes

  • Removed the reference temperature from the front panel ui of the TLP version of the software
    • This indicator can still be found under Settings>Temperature Settings
  • Changed how camera streams are identified and acquired for HexaViewer
    • Old method only looked for cameras currently on the network
  • Added a new full screen view option for HexaViewer
    • This view contains one large image with 3 smaller images and rotates between all selected images


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with data logging (related to AOs) for Slag index and the TLP versions of the software
    • This could occur when using less than the full amount of analog output channels available
  • Fixed a couple spelling errors on the settings menu for the HexaViewer version of the software 

Known issues

  • If no cameras are found on the network and the user opens the settings page then saves settings by hitting ok, the camera interface will now be saved as “no camera”
    • This results in the user having to open the settings page again and select the camera when it becomes available

Suggested Features or Changes for Future Versions

  • Having to match the recorded fps with the live fps is not intuitive and should be improved in the future
  • Give the user a more obvious indication that video is being recorded