Enertechnix’s products deliver the industry’s best continuous temperature measurement capability.

PyroMetrix :

The PyroMetrix™ Acoustic Pyrometer is a non-contact measurement device that obtains highly accurate instantaneous gas temperature data in any area of the kiln, combustion and cooling zones. The PyroMetrix system utilizes the principle that the velocity of sound through a medium is related to the temperature of the medium. Temperature data is spatially averaged and can provide zonal temperature maps.

The PyroMetrix sends a sound wave from the Acoustic Signal Generator (ASG) across the chamber to one or more Acoustic Signal Receivers (ASRs) mounted on the opposite side. The time required for the signal to traverse the chamber is related to the gas temperature.

The measurement is not sensitive to changes in clinker dust concentration. Because the components are all mounted on the outside of the chamber, they are not subject to abrasion and heat damage.

Proven applications for PyroMetrix in the cement industry include:

Clinker Cooler:

Optimizing heat recovery from secondary air, reducing fan draw and reducing maintenance costs.

Calciner Exit Temperature:

Ability to directly control fuel rate, measurement in difficult locations such as hot spots up to 24000F, measurement in dusty, “fierce sandstorm” environments, and variations across width and breadth.

Kiln Exit Gas temperature (KEGT):

Detection of unstable or malfunctioning burners, heat transfer optimization and reduction of NOx emissions.

Tertiary Air:

Ability to optimize heat recovery and achieve complete heat balance calculations.

click here to review our award-winning IEEE/PCA 2005 paper detailing practical applications of acoustic pyrometry in the cement manufacturing pyroprocess.

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