Proven benefits of PyrOptix for the steel industry include:

The PyrOptixTM ST fixed camera system is well-protected and provides unprecedented operational views of the Ladle Furnace, Basic Oxygen Furnace and Electric Arc Furnace. It also allows for an unobstructed view of the entire tapping process – virtually unaffected by dust, steam, arc flash, UV light or fireball. The PyrOptix ST fixed camera system is specially designed for a compact footprint and easy installation.

Benefits for Ladle Furnace Operators:

  • View alloy addition and wire feeding.
  • Assess integrity of electrodes to determine wear, stability and height in operation.
  • Determine the extent of gas stirring.
  • Watch for floaters that may damage sensor auto-immersion equipment.
  • Determine amount of slag/metal mixing.
  • Look for dangerous carbon boils and other reactions.

Benefits for Electric Arc Furnace Operators:

  • View scrap melt in, help determine scrap melting rates.
  • View injected materials, such as carbon and lime, as they react with the melt.
  • View electrodes in action to determine wear, stability, and height in operation.
  • Look for dangerous scrap cave-in, carbon boils and other reactions.

Benefits for Basic Oxygen Furnace Operators:

  • Determine vessel position.
  • View scrap and hotmetal charge.
  • Observe oxygen lance insertion to help avoid costly crashes.
  • View drop in sensor entry into furnace.
  • Look for floating scrap, carbon boils and other reactions.

Benefits During the Tapping Process:

  • Gain a detailed view of the entire tapping process.
  • Watch for dangerous carbon boils and other reactions.
  • Determine extent of slag/metal mixing.
  • Watch for slag tapping.
  • Watch for floaters or unreacted materials.

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The PyroMetrix Acoustic Pyrometer is a non-contact measurement system that obtains highly accurate instantaneous gas temperature data in any area of the furnace. The PyroMetrix system utilizes the principle that the velocity of sound through a medium is related to the temperature of the medium. Temperature data is spatially averaged and can provide zonal temperature maps. The PyroMetrix acoustic pyrometer delivers accurate, reliable and instantaneous temperatures.


Proven benefits of PyroMetrix for Steel Making Proccess include:

  • Precise gas temperature measurement
  • Increased reheat furnace efficiency
  • Optimized heat transfer rate
  • Enhanced product quality

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