Enertechnix is the leading supplier of continuous temperature measurement and image acquisition products for power utility boilers.

PyrOptix :

Enertechnix PyrOptixTM IR inspection cameras provide superior online visibility and temperature analysis. PyrOptix is able to see through obscuring dust and gas to depths of 80 feet, allowing monitoring of developments anywhere in the combustion chamber. This superior image quality and depth of view enables comprehensive observation and analysis at full load.

Easily transportable and able to view at depth, the PyrOptix camera can be used to observe anywhere in the furnace and convection pass.

Proven benefits of PyrOptix for power boilers include:

  • “Slag monster” growth control to minimize furnace damage
  • Sootblower inspection and optimization
  • Wallblower inspection and optimization
  • Burner analysis
  • Tube integrity verification
  • Internal inspection

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The PyroMetrixTM Acoustic Pyrometer is a non-contact measurement device that obtains highly accurate instantaneous gas temperature data in any area of the boiler. The PyroMetrix system utilizes the principle that the velocity of sound through a medium is related to the temperature of the medium. Instantaneous temperature data is spatially averaged, and zonal temperature maps can be provided.

The PyroMetrix acoustic pyrometer delivers accurate, reliable and instantaneous temperatures. More than 100 PyroMetrix systems have been installed in power boilers throughout the world.


Proven benefits of PyroMetrix for power boilers include:

  • Reduced steam use for slagging and fouling control
  • Reduced tube erosion and maintenance costs
  • Control of NOx formation in the furnace cavity
  • Combustion optimization: fuel savings and loss on ignition (LOI) reduction
  • Reduced “high back-end” temperatures
  • Start-up control
  • Tube leak detection

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