Board of Directors :

Peter Ariessohn: 1999 to 2002; 2013 (current)
Gary Carlberg, Director: 2001 (current)
George Kychakoff, Chairman and Director: 1995 (current)

Former Directors:

Marty Afromowitz, Director: 2009 to 2012
Gib Comstock, Director: 2001 to 2013
Dean Draxton: 1995 to 1999
Brian Horsfield: 2001 to 2003
Mike Neary: 2003 to 2005
Edward Soule: 1997 to 2003
H. Lanny Vincent: 2000 to 2001
Steve Pirnat: 2012 to 2014

Management :

George Kychakoff, President and CEO
Dennis Mefford, Chief Operating Officer
Eric Rothberg, Director of Global Sales and Marketing
Dave Vetter, Director of R&D Projects

Key Legal and Financial Advisors :

Scott Krahling (Holman. Kaufman. Krahling. PLLC), CPA
Greg Russell (Peterson Russell Kelly), Corporate Counsel
Larry Graham (Lowe Graham Jones PLLC), Intellectual Property Counsel
Roger Johnson (CFO Selections LLC), Chief Financial Officer

Requests for Information: