PyrOptix v2.0 (Temperature Measurements) Changelog

Below are the changes from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0 of our TLP Temperature Measurement Software

Interface Changes

  • Redesigned the settings interface
    • Needed to clean up the interface after the other features were stripped out

  • Modified the zone indicators when in Fullscreen mode
    • When a zone is undefined the indicator is now hidden rather than disabled and greyed out
  • Removed the text overlay coloring/background based on the selected colorization
    • All overlays (aside from the Enertechnix watermark) are now white background with black text, regardless of colorization.
    • This should make the overlays on visible images easier to read
  • Increased the overlay font size for zone numbering
    • When in Fullscreen mode, the zone numbers that were drawn on the overlays were very difficult to make out.
  • Added a “Zone Statistics” section to the front panel
    • When outside of Fullscreen mode, we now display the average, standard deviation, max and min across all defined zones as well as the reference temperature
Note: Temperatures are not intended to be accurate in this example

Other Changes

  • Changed how camera streams are identified and acquired
    • Old method used IP addresses, which was considerably slower
  • Stripped out all other software features that were not relevant to this version of the software
    • This change is due to the decision to have each version run as a separate executable (due to piracy concerns)
  • Modified the Hard Drive manager loop & VI
    • Runs more frequently with less overhead when it is just checking on HD space
  • Removed the Reporting Tools from the software
    • This is now a separate standalone product (see PyrOptix Reporter)
  • Added an option to save the current settings to a separate file and then load those settings at a later time
    • Used the Help (formerly about) page to house these options
    • Created a window that has very clear warnings about the actions that can be performed

  • Added code that will store the state of the Fullscreen variable
    • Added in cases where the PC gets reset and it was in Fullscreen mode, it will now reboot back into that.
  • Removed unnecessary drivers from the installer
    • Reduced installer size from 900MB -> 650MB.
  • Added a developer option to load a video file instead of stream IP video
    • This is critical for testing specific scenes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where window borders would show on Fullscreen
    • Added 5 pixels on to the left and right side of the frame so window borders are no longer visible in any OS
  • Added a codec check on startup and removed the post image capture check
    • We previously only checked for a codec after the live image was acquired which left the possibility for issues when the user opened the settings menu quickly on startup
  • Rewrote the image acquisition error handling so that it resides in its own loop
    • Rather than use a single frame as the image to display an error message we now display a 5s looping video clip @ 30fps
    • This could help solve issues related to timeouts/program freezing when systems go on and offline frequently or for long periods of time

  • Fixed a bug where data would continue to be processed when no image was found
    • The software will now wait until the image error is cleared before processing data 
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to have to restart the software after a zone was drawn or redrawn
    • There was an issue in past versions that would cause the program to get stuck outputting NaN values after a zone change
  • Added a 3s wait for the settings button to become active when the software starts
    • There were issues with loading parameters if the settings page was opened before everything initialized.
  • Corrected a spelling error in the software
    • The word “Processing” was spelled wrong in the window bar
  • Fixed a bug that caused the TCP indicator to show the status of the connection incorrectly
    • In the temperature settings, the TCP indicator would show green on startup regardless of connectivity

Known issues

  • If no cameras are found on the network and the user opens the settings page then saves settings by hitting ok, the camera interface will now be saved as “no camera”
    • This results in the user having to open the settings page again and select the camera when it becomes available

Suggested Features or Changes for Future Versions

  • Having to match the recorded fps with the live fps is not intuitive and should be improved in the future
  • Give the user a more obvious indication that video is being recorded