TempVIEW v3.0 Changelog

We have released a new version of our PyroMetrix viewing software, TempVIEW.  Below are the changes from Version 2.0 to Version 3.0 of our TempVIEW Software

Interface Changes

  • Redesigned the Front Panel interface
    • Removed clutter and improved User Interface

  • Completely Redesigned the Settings interface
    • Removed clutter and organized the settings in a more meaningful way

Other Changes

  • Added an option to disable data filtering
    • In past versions, If the system was in cold count then the data would not be displayed
  • Added a data averaging option
    • When enabled, this will average the last N number of shots where N is defined by the user. Default is 3.
  • Added a coordinate system to the 2D map (based on boiler dimensions)
    • This allows for more precise hotspot tracking
  • Added a Historical Data Tab
    • This shows the zone data plotted on a chart
  • Removed unnecessary drivers from the installer
    • Reduced installer size from 900MB -> 650MB.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the hotspot would update before the 2d map display
    • The 2d map updates first now
  • Rewrote the majority of Vis to improve overall efficiency and resource usage
    • The software should run faster with less overhead

Known issues

  • User defined cursors are not as optimized as they should be and cause the software to run slower than when they are not enabled

Suggested Features or Changes for Future Versions

  • Create a Chinese version