Project: Micro-Aerodynamic Lens (µADL) Array Aerosol Concentrator

Overview of R&D project for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency:

Functional Injection Molded Prototype
  • Develop rugged, reliable, high-performance aerosol concentrators
  • Achieve flow rates up to 1000 lpm
  • Achieve concentration factors > 1000:1
  • Develop interfaces to bio-agent trigger detectors

Benefits of this technology include:

  • Reduction of response time and detection limits of existing and emerging bio-aerosol detectors
  • Reduction of bio-aerosol detector power consumption, size, weight and cost

Applications of this technology include:

Narrow Beam Delivery of Concentrated Aerosol
  • Chemical and biological agent detection (military and civilian security applications)
  • Environmental (atmospheric pollution) monitoring
  • Industrial compliance monitoring
  • Industrial process monitoring and control
  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Aerosolized materials processing
  • Biomedical: respiratory disease diagnosis, health care facility air monitoring

Click here for a PDF datasheet about our advanced aerosol sampling, concentration and delivery tools that enable significantly higher flow rates and concentrated particle collection.

Click here for a PDF datasheet about our stainless steel Aerodynamic Lens and titanium Aerodynamic Lens with ultrasonic cleaning components.

Click here for a PDF datasheet about our plastic injection-molded Aerodynamic Lens.

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