Project: Trace Explosives Sampling

Overview of R&D project for the Department of Homeland Security:

  • Develop design for effective non-contact removal of particles from surfaces using near-sonic air jets
  • Design, fabricate, test and refine an integrated trace explosives removal, capture and concentration system
  • Interface sampler with various explosives detectors (IMS, DMS, MS and more)

Benefits of this technology include:

  • Effective non-contact removal of particles from surfaces
  • Efficient collection of vapors by scavenger particles
  • Concentration and capture of >90% of sampled particles
  • Easily interfaces to most detectors
  • Small, lightweight and resistant to fouling

Applications of this technology include:

  • Security screening (borders, airports, secure buildings, cargo-handling facilities and more)
  • Law enforcement
  • Military

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