Project: Detection of Environmental Agents Using a Novel Aerosol Sampler Coupled to a Microfluidic Assay

Overview of R&D project for the National Institutes of Health:
Develop a personal exposure monitor for endotoxins, combining several technologies:

  • µADL aerosol concentrator
  • Capillary particle collector
  • Novel endotoxin assay
  • Electrochemical readout
  • Microfluidic analyzer
  • GPS or RFID position sensing

Benefits of this technology include:

  • Very small size and weight
  • Mass-produced, disposable sampling train and analysis components
  • High concentration factors
  • Low-power, rechargeable battery, 8- to 12-hour operation per charge
  • Frequent, time- and position-resolved sample collection with automated, on-board assays Low cost

Applications of this technology include:

  • Epidemiological studies
  • Security personnel protection (first responders, law enforcement and more)
  • Military: troop protection
  • Health care facility monitoring

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