Enertechnix PyrOptixTM IR cameras provide superior online visibility and temperature analysis. PyrOptix is able to see through obscuring dust and gas to depths of 80 feet, allowing monitoring of developments anywhere in the combustion chamber.

Superior image quality and depth of view enables comprehensive observation and analysis at full load. Using Enertechnix PyrOptix IR inspection cameras provides real-time ability to identify problems and apply solutions. This can result in fewer unplanned outages, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in avoided shutdown costs and improved productivity.

Our durable, high-quality line of infrared imaging cameras and accessories includes the following products:

Mobile Camera:

The PyrOptix Mobile infrared camera kit contains everything an engineer or operator needs to inspect a boiler from any accessible port. The core of the mobile inspection camera kit is an infrared camera designed to see through smoke and ash at temperatures of 700oF to 3500oF. With the addition of a Low Light Lens, the camera sees in the 200oF to 700oF range, enabling inspection of surfaces exterior to the boiler.

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Fixed Mount Camera:

The PyrOptix Fixed Mount infrared camera is designed to see through smoke and ash at temperatures of 700oF to 35000F. The camera aids in visual observation inside the furnace environment, providing information about slag buildup, burner operation, flame position and heat exchanger tube pluggage.


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Dual Use Camera:

Our dual use infrared camera provides the benefits of both the fixed installation camera and mobile inspections. The fixed installation includes the infrared camera, air-cooled electrical enclosure, lens tube of choice, auto-retract and port rodder. The infrared camera can be removed from the electrical enclosure as desired, and used with the mobility kit and a shorter lens for inspections at any accessible boiler port.

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PyroTemp TLP :

The addition of an infrared pyrometer instrument to the lens assembly, combined with software to interpret temperature measurement of the specific area being viewed, allows for comprehensive observation and analysis.

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Straight Lenses :

Our standard lens tubes are all high-performance, air-cooled, double-wall stainless steel construction. Lens tubes are available in lengths from 20 inches and longer, provided in increments of 16 inches. They are available with 20°, 30°, 64° or 120° fields of view. The narrow field of view provides the clearest information on the back wall. The wider field of view provides more information about the side walls.

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Off-Axis Lenses :

Our off-axis lenses provide a rotating 3600 view of the boiler walls during mobile inspections. Because the lens tip is fully inside the boiler, a thermocouple in the lens tip provides an overheating warning to the operator.

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Image Processing Software :

We offer a core set of software programs that provide specialized information to operators. PyroColor generates relative temperature maps, PyroManager enables image and temperature archiving, PyroTemp enables temperature tracking in temperature boxes; and Slag Index calculates area in view fields covered in slag.

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Take advantage of the PyrOptix IR-Core3 Upgrade Program.

If you’re a current Enertechnix customer, you can gain even greater results from your PyrOptix IR inspection camera system. Featuring the latest core technology, the PyrOptix IR-Core3 Upgrade Program is an easy way to achieve the most advanced online visibility and temperature analysis without incurring the costs of replacing your existing equipment.

Click here for a PDF datasheet about our PyrOptix IR-Core3 Upgrade Program.

We also offer inspection services.

Our experienced field engineers are available to perform an extensive survey of your boiler. We provide a detailed report containing video footage and analysis of slag deposits, burner condition and cleaning performance. Conducted while your boiler or furnace is in operation, our inspections help you stay online longer.

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