The Enertechnix Mobile VisCamTM is a visible wavelength, light-weight, fully digital imaging system that provides high-resolution HD video quality. It is a portable inspection camera that can be used to view high-temperature environments. It has an air-cooled lens and wireless viewing tablet.

The PyrOptixTM VisCamTM system is well-protected, built with a coated aluminum enclosure and air-cooled lens tube. It provides unprecedented operational views of extreme high-temperature processes such as in kilns, boilers and furnaces. It is particularly well suited for observing flame applications such as in burners and bark boilers. PyrOptixTM cameras are engineered for durability and longevity in order to provide low maintenance operation.

Benefits of looking into the boiler with VisCamTM :

  • Improved monitoring resulting in reduced operating costs.
  • Reduced risk of catastrophic failure due to large deposits.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to reduced unplanned outages.
  • Helps in troubleshooting such as for leak detection.
  • Helps in burner adjustment and identifying soot blower malfunction, thereby optimizing fuel consumption.