The PyrOptix™ TempSentinel™ System uses a through-the-lens pyrometer that can determine surface temperatures. Precision of measurement is within 100F.

The Enertechnix TempSentinel™ system provides the most advanced integrated infrared (IR) imaging and temperature measurement capability for critical boiler areas. It delivers accurate real-time temperature readings for enhanced boiler efficiency in superheat areas, waterwall conditions and insights into recovery boiler bed temperatures. TempSentinel readings are created via a highly accurate IR detector beam integrated with advanced solid state images.

Precise Real-time Temperature Readings for Critical Boiler Areas

TempSentinel enables advanced data analysis of temperature measurements, images and video streams.
This allows for trend analysis and comparisons of various operational features and conditions within the boiler.

A proven system, TempSentinel measures temperatures ranging from 1000°F to 3000°F, and is combined with a clear image based on the most advanced field of view of 120°.

TempSentinel also allows for up to 8 user-definable temperature areas. The industry standard LCD screen on the camera housing offers the option for local or remote viewing—all configurable and accessible via the current PC-based platform.

A look at the TLP Image Processing Software

Key Features:
– Measures temperatures ranging from 1000°F to 3000°F (range is configurable)
– 120° diagonal field of view
– Calibrated boiler temperature ranges for specific boiler application areas (factory configured)
– +/- 2% of full scale
– Local LCD monitoring of view at camera (standard on all Enertechnix cameras)
– Stainless steel enclosure designed for lasting camera protection in harsh boiler areas
– Easy integration of video signal via digital networks to any plant-wide video management system
– Output temperature readings can be delivered in data files or transmitted via 4-20mA I/O
– User-based reporting tools for data analysis and historical view

For more than 15 years, Enertechnix has been the leading innovator in boiler imaging and temperature measurement technology. Our proven design offers a two wave length temperature-derived platform that provides repeatable and accurate measurements. We are committed to developing the best solutions for our customers by continually advancing our software and IR core imaging platform to deliver the most advanced views for key boiler applications.

Take advantage of the PyrOptix IR-Core3 Upgrade Program.

If you’re a current Enertechnix customer, you can gain even greater results from your PyrOptix IR inspection camera system. Featuring the latest core technology, the PyrOptix IR-Core3 Upgrade Program is an easy way to achieve the most advanced online visibility and temperature analysis without incurring the costs of replacing your existing equipment.

Click here for a PDF datasheet about our PyrOptix IR-Core3 Upgrade Program.

We also offer inspection services.

Our experienced field engineers are available to perform an extensive survey of your boiler. We provide a detailed report containing video footage and analysis of slag deposits, burner condition and cleaning performance. Conducted while your boiler or furnace is in operation, our inspections help you stay online longer.

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